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Jobsite Updates


The ReStore is open for normal hours. 


Shopping: Tuesday-Saturday, 9am - 4pm

Donations: Tuesday - Saturday, 9am - 3pm

Ennis North 40

No work this week in Ennis.

Housing First Village

5/9/2022: Normal work schedule the rest of this week.

Volunteers & VolunteerHub

Volunteers are needed!

Our current schedule is posted in VolunteerHub at, where you can also sign up to volunteer with us

  • WealthVest
  • Thrivent
  • NorthWestern
  • Guza
  • eWranglers
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • KGVM
  • Belgrade Ace Hardware
    Belgrade Ace Hardware
  • Granite Tech Solutions
  • KZBM
  • KSKY
  • East Main Ink
    East Main Ink
  • Norris Hot Springs
    Norris Hot Springs
  • Wild Joe's
    Wild Joe's
  • Seven Sushi
    Seven Sushi
  • Montana Grizzly Encounter
    Montana Grizzly Encounter
  • Sportsman's Warehouse
    Sportsman's Warehouse
  • Ted's
  • Mint Cafe
    Mint Cafe
  • Audi
  • Town & Country Foods
    Town & Country Foods
  • Valley of Flowers Project
    Valley of Flowers Project
  • Pizza Hut Logo
    Pizza Hut Logo
  • Lehrkinds