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ReStore Donation Guidelines

ReStore Donation Guidelines

Donations are typically accepted Tuesday-Saturday, 10-3 pm.


Questions? Call the ReStore at 406-388-2851

ReStore Donation Guidelines

Donations are accepted Tuesday-Saturday, 10-3 pm.


Questions? Call the ReStore at 406.388.2851


DUE TO OVERSTOCK we may not be able to accept your donation immediately, please call before trekking to the store!



Thank you for your interest in donating materials to the Habitat ReStore! To ensure a successful donation, please take note of the following:

1.   Business & Full House Pick-Ups:

· Business & Full House pick-ups are handled differently.

· For business & full house pick-ups, please contact the store directly at 406-388-2851 and speak to a live person for immediate assistance.

2.  Donation Pickup Fee:

· A donation pickup fee is required to cover vehicle expenses.

· Please be aware that this fee does not guarantee the collection of your donation.

· Payment must be made before dispatching a truck to your home.

· Call 406-388-2851 for debit or credit card payment.

3.   Item Condition:

· All items must be clean and in good condition.

· Our knowledgeable staff will make the final determination regarding the suitability of each item.

· For any questions, please call us at 406-388-2851.

4.   Pickup Guidelines:

· The driver will contact you en route.

· Donors must have enough help to load items onto the truck, as our drivers are unable to assist.

· Drivers do not enter residences.

· All items must be clean and in good working condition; suitability will be determined by our staff.

· Call 406-388-2851 for any questions.


Winter Notice:

· We aim to pick up donations in winter, but weather conditions may ground trucks for staff safety.

· Any schedule changes due to weather will be communicated promptly, with rescheduling taking place promptly.


Additional Fees:

· A $25 handling fee is applicable for appliances with Freon, in adherence to EPA regulations.





Cooktops, Stoves, Ovens, Dishwashers, Dryers, Microwaves, Refrigerators, Washers

*  Must be clean and in full working order

* If appliances are not in the best working order, kindly let us know we are happy to recycle

* Non-working and older appliances may be dropped off for recycling


Cabinets/Cabinet Door Faces/Cabinet Hardware

Sets, Singles, Vanities

* Must be complete with all doors, drawers and backs attached. No nails or screws sticking out.

* No painted cabinets

* We accept door knobs, pulls, drawer slides, hinges, shelf dividers, shelf brackets, etc.  



* New/gently used, freshly laundered clothing (all sizes including baby and kids)

* Shoes (must be matched)

* Jewelry (kindly match earrings, unknot necklaces, etc.)

* Purses, bags and accessories welcome.



* We are unable to accept at this time.


Doors/Door Hardware

Exterior, Interior, Storm, Screen, Bifold

* Functional exterior, interior, bifold, screen and storm doors accepted 

* Screen doors must have all parts attached (including frames)

* Removal of bifold hardware is a huge help to us as it reduces damage in transit.

* Door knobs, hinges, pulls, etc. accepted (with no paint on them)

* No patio/sliding glass doors

* No used shower doors

* No mirrored closet doors



Rugs, Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl, Tile are accepted

* Hardwood/Laminate/Tile (new, undamaged, unopened boxes, minimum of 200 sq ft)

*  Rugs (new or gently used, no hair, no smells, no stains)

* No individual tiles accepted

* No carpet, nor carpet pad at this time



* New or gently used, in good, resaleable condition (no rips, stains, outdated patterns, pet hair, pet damage, or in need of a cover)

* Outdoor furniture accepted (including wicker in good shape or better)

* Kitchen tables are accepted with chairs

* Filing cabinets and bookcases are accepted

* Metal bedframes accepted

* Desks can only be accepted if solid wood or metal, one piece, household size (not larger than 4’ across). No

office, L-shaped or particle board desks

* No cubicles

* No baby furniture

* No pianos or organs

* No waterbeds nor waterbed headboards

* No mattresses nor box springs


Heating and Cooling

AC, Furnaces, Hot Water Heaters, Swamp Coolers, Water Softeners, & Fans are accepted

* Must be in very good working order (if not, kindly let us know as we are happy to recycle)

* Ceiling fans and hot water heaters will be recycled unless new (in box)



* Pots, pans, cookie sheets, cutting boards, silverware, dining sets, cooking bowls, measuring spoons & cups, etc are all welcome

* Small appliances must be in good working order and be clean (toasters, coffee pots, etc)

* Canning Equipment is welcome including canning jars. Canning lids must be new in boxes

* Throw pillows, Afghans, and Quilts are accepted

* Towels, sheets, blankets

* Artwork

* Home decorations welcomed

* Antiques

*  Curtains



Must be new and bagged



Brick, Stone, Cinderblock, Slate, Cultured Stone, Lawn-care Tools, Landscaping Fabric

* Bricks, stone, cinderblock, slate, cultured stone (all must be mortar free and unbroken) – must be palletized for pickup

* Lawn mowers, garden tillers, edgers, axes and shovels must be in good working order.

Note: if recycling must be free of gas.

* Fencing and gates

* Landscaping fabric must be in at least 4’ long rolls

* Pots, planters, dirt, compost, vermiculite, peat moss, etc. are welcome


Lighting & Electrical

Lamps, Chandeliers, Breakers, Conduits, Connectors, Fuses, Junction Boxes etc.

*  Ceiling fans will be recycled unless new (in box)


Lumber/Trim/Building Supplies/Tools

* Tools (power and hand), must be in good working order and complete

* Ladders must be safe, fully functional, and sturdy

* Ceiling tiles (new, unopened boxes)

* Lumber and trim must be nail, screw and paint free. Minimum 4’ in length.

* Nails and screws are accepted (separated & contained by type & size is the best for us)



* Must be framed or beveled



Bathtubs, Sinks, Faucets, Toilets, Bathroom Accessories, Shower Inserts

* Toilets must be 1.6 gallons per flush or less. Must be complete and assembled, unless new. Must be clean with wax ring fully removed.

* Toilet seats – only accept new

* Bathtubs – only accept new

* No jacuzzi tubs or jetted tubs – unless new

* Claw foot and cast-iron tubs must be on a pallet in order for us to accept; pickup not available



Only new, unused bundles.

* No cement roof tiles


Sheet Goods (Plywood, OSB, etc.)

Must be in good condition.

* Minimum half sheets (4’x4’) – no pieces or weird, unusable sections


TV’s & Electronics

TV’s must be lightweight, flat screens, & functioning.

* Remotes, power cords and stands must be attached to them.

* All electronics must be clean and in good working order

* No exercise equipment; unless you are okay with us recycling it



* Windows must be vinyl, double pane and under 5’x5’ (25 sq ft) in size (with flanges attached)

* Windows must be clean and intact (inserts in frame, etc.)

* No blinds, No shutters

Some Items We Don’t Take

Mattresses & Box Springs

Futon/Sleeper Sofas

Entertainment Centers

Exercise Equipment (unless recycling)

Hazardous Materials (Chemicals, Grout, Mortar, Caulk, etc.)

Paint & Stain



Basketball Hoops / Toys / Playsets (unless metal)


February 8, 2024